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Monday, 17 October 2016

Upcoming courses NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy

I know a few people would like to be able to find out what courses we have coming up over the next few months.  With my friend and colleague June O'Driscoll we have a number of courses coming up focusing on:

Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

Licensed Training of NLP Practitioner

Licensed Training of NLP Master Practitioner

Presentation skills

for further details please click on this link to go through to the Thoughtitude website.  Looking forward to meeting you there!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New website coming soon!

So as any of you who know me already are aware, I am not someone who uses his website much (hardly ever!) and as a result, there's loads of outdated content on there - so a new website is in the offing.  I will however put other updates on here, as there is a whole raft of NLP Training,  Diploma In Coach Training and presentation skills courses coming up.  I will also be starting to run a programme of TFH Kinesiology courses from November - so if you're interested let me know.

See you soon


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